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LEX15 Ex e certified resistance thermometer with cable for zone 1 and 2

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ATEX executionll 2 G Ex eb llC T6...T1 Gb
ATEX certificateDEKRA 17ATEX0123 X
IECEx executionEx eb IIC T6...T1 Gb
IECEx certificateIECEx DEK 17.0046X
Suitable for zone1 and 2
Ingress protectionIP65 / IEC529
Ambient temp. range-45°C...+80°C, this can be limited depending on the materials applied such as cable, connection head or junction box.
ConstructionMineral insulated (MgO)
MaterialSS316 standard, other materials possible
DiameterCustomer to specify
LengthCustomer to specify
ExecutionSingle or Duplex Pt100
Connection3-wire standard, 4-wire optional
AccuracyAccording IEC 60751 Cl. B, A or AA
Measuring range-20°C...+400°C standard, -220°C...+600°C optional
DiameterTo suit cable diameter
InsulationPVC standard, other materials possible
Cable lengthCustomer to specify
OptionPUR, Silicone or PTFE insulated cable

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode LEX15
Sensor S or D
Connection 3- or 4-wire
Class B, A or AA
Length "L"in mm
Length "K" in mm