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ML7040 Small diameter multipoint temperature sensor

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Protection tubeStainless steel closed-end tube
Stepped insertionRe-inforced tube to suit a compression gland
MaterialSS 316 - (Wst 1.4401) standard, others optional
Measuring pointsNumber of measuring points to specify
CalibrationK, T, J, E, N, U or L to specify
InsulationEach sensor mineral insulated (MgO)
Hot junctionsInsulated
TestingTested with 50Vdc @ 20°C
Insulation resistanceMinimum 100 M ohm
RangeD <= 3.2mm maximum +300 °CD > 3.2mm maximum +500 °C
Hot junctions"L1 to Ln" to specify
ProtectionLead wires protected by a stainless steel flexible hose
Length "K"1000 mm standard hose length. M20x1.5 gland included
TerminationPTFE/FEP/PFA insulated flexible thermocouple wires, L=100mm
Process connectionCompression gland with metal or PTFE ferule (optional)
ATEX certificationExe, Exi or Exd, to specify
MaterialsSS316, SS321, SS310, Inconel 600 customer to specify
Outside diameter "D" (Sensors)
1.5 mm (3)
2 mm (5)
3 mm, 3.2mm (6)
6 mm , 6.4 mm (12)

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode ML7040
Number of elements / Calibration
Reinforcement tube / sensor tube O.D. in mm
L1 to Ln, and total length L in mm
Leadwire length "K" in mm