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FB 3160

FB 3160 Flanged protection tube according to DIN43772 Form 2F or 3F

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Design2F or 3F to DIN 43772
Process connectionWelded flange
MaterialSS 316 - ( Wst 1.4401 )
Free moving nutMale M24x1.5mm standard
Welded nutOptional: Female nut 1/2
Insertion lengthTo specify
DIN43772 Form 2FStraight over full length
DIN43772 Form 3FTip tapered over 50 mm to dia. 9.0 mm
Inside diameterTo suit 6.0mm or 8.0mm sensors
Size / Rating / FacingTo specify
Lagging2F = 80mm, 3F = 82mm
Other materials: Monel400, Hasteloy C276 or C4, Titanium Gr.II
Other dimensions
Tantalum protective jacket
Tube size (Form)Sensor
9 x 1 mm (2F or 3F)6.0mm
11 x 2 mm (2F or 3F)6.0mm
12 x 2.5 mm (2F or 3F)6.0mm
14 x 2.5 mm (2F or 3F)8.0mm
15 x 3 mm (2F or 3F)8.0mm

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode FB 3160
Length "U" in mm
Length "X" in mm
Form 2F or 3F
Tube size
Flange size / rating / facing