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DWR 6000

DWR 6000 Threaded Pt100 sensor with valve connector

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ConstructionWelded protectiontube, liquid and gas tight
MaterialSS 316 - (Wst 1.4401) standard, other materials possible
Insertion length50mm to 400mm
Diameter6.0mm standard, other diameters possible
Process connection1/2"BSP (G1/2") standard, other threads possible
Maximum process pressureSuitable up to 40 Bar
Valve connectorConnector according to DIN EN 175-803 (Hirschmann GSP or equivalent (max. 120°C at the connector)
Ingress protectionIP65
TypeSingle Pt100
Measuring range-30 / +180°C
Measuring current1mA
AccuracyAccording IEC 60751 Class B standard, other classes possible
Connection2 wires
Insulation testPerformed with 250Vdc @ 20°C
Insulation minimum>100 MOhm
Sensor connection3 or 4-wire system
Extended measuring range-50 / +260°C
High temperature versions-30 / 600 °C

Customisation possibilities

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