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Cladding, coating and sleeves

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Chemical resistant coating: PTFE / PFA / Teflon ® PVDF / Kynar ® or Halar ® coating offer the best resistance for nearly all chemicals. Wide range of temperatures from cryogenic to high temperatures.
E-CTFE Halar -100°C / +200°C, Layer 500 tot 1000um. PFA Teflon -200°C / 260°C, layer 500 tot 1000um. PTFE Teflon -200°C / 250°C, layer standard 60um.
Used for food, pharmaceutical, acid, caustic and electroplating applications.
Wear resistant top layer from: Deloro Stellite ®, Eutalloy ®, Inconel 625 Tungsten carbide Wear - resistant Chromium oxide (Cr2O3) Wear - resistant Alumina (Al2O3) as a top coat layer results in an excellent wear - resistant thermowell
Corrosion resistant sleeves: thermowell sleeve made of tantalum (tantalum) or titanium fits over a standard stainless steel thermowell and offers an inexpensive way to protect the well against corrosion of highly corrosive chemical solutions and liquids.
Used for food and beverages, pharmaceutical, acid, caustic and electroplating applications.
Chemical resistant sleeves made of PTFE / PFA Teflon® give a very good resistance to almost all aggressive and / or chemical substances. Very good heat resistant and also gives cryogenic stability.
Are made of tube, base and sheet material and then bonded together by

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