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AV 2080

AV 2080 Autoclave resistance thermometer

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ConstructionClosed-end bottom
Transition piece covered with flexible shrinkhose, forms an autoclave tightmoulded cable connection, suitable for 100% R.H + High temperature applications
MaterialSS 316 - (Wst 1.4401) standard, other materials possible
DiameterCustomer to specify
LengthCustomer to specify
Teflon insulated flexible cable with tinned copper braiding, 240 °C
Lead wire LengthCustomer to specify
Single or Duplex Pt100
AccuracyAccording IEC 60751 Cl. B, A or AA
Style / Connection3-wire system standard, 4-wire system optional
RangeStandard -20 / +400°C, optional -220 / +600°C
TestingTested at 500 Vdc @ 20°C
Insulation resistanceMinimum 100Mohm

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode AV 2080
Sensor S or D
Connection 3- or 4-wire
Class B, A or AA
Diameter "D" in mm
Length "L" in mm
Length "K" in mm