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WF 5895

WF 5895 Washer type Pt100 surface probe

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Dimensions12x6.0mm standard, other dimensions possible
MaterialStainless steel 316 standard, other materials possible
Hole diameter5.0mm standard, other diameters possible
Ingress protectionIP54
ConstructionFEP/PFA insulated flexible cable with internal braiding, 240°C (T)
Silicone insulated highly flexible cable, 240°C (S)
Leadwire length4000mm standard, other lengths possible
TypeSingle or Duplex Pt100
Style / Connection3-wire system standard, 4-wire system optional
AccuracyAccording IEC 60751 class B
Temperature range-20/+240°C standard, -200/+600°C optional
Ex versions ATEX or IECExExe, Exi, or Exd

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode WF 5895
Cable length in mm
Cable type T or S