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Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant hardfacing

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Inconel 625
Stellite 6
Abration resistant Chroomoxide (Cr2O3)
Abration resistant Aluminiumoxide (Al2O3)
Flame Spray MaterialsWith the ability of flame spray to process wire, rod, or powders, a wide variety of materials can be made into coatings using the technologies of flame spray. Even high melting point oxide ceramics can be flame sprayed.
Lower melting point materials are also flame sprayed. Some flame spray devices are designed to mainly deposit polymers such as nylons and polyesters to create very low porosity plastic coatings.
Typical coatings:Various stainless steel alloysInconel alloysWolfram carbide alloysNickel-based alloysCopper and copper alloysAluminiumZinc

Customisation possibilities

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