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TM300 Digital thermocouple thermometer

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1 channel digital thermocouple thermometer
Compatible with type J, K , T and E thermocouples
Results in °C, °F and Kelvin
Maximum, minimum and average values
Compensation for thermocouple drift
Auto power off function
Hold measurements on screen
Low battery indication
Dimensions190 x 89 x 42mm
Power supply9V battery (non-rechargeable)
Product weight350g
Thermocouple type K-200°C / +1372°C
-380°F / +2501°F
Thermocouple type J-210°C / +1200°C
-346°F / +2192°F
Thermocouple type T-250°C / +400°C
-418°F / +752°F
Thermocouple type E-150°C / +1000°C
-238°F / +1832°F
Resolution<1000; 0.1°C/0.1°F/0.1K
>1000: 1°C/1°F/1K
Accuracy>-10°C +/- 0.2%+0.5°C
-10°/200°C +/-0.2%+1°C
All thermocouple sensors with a miniature thermocouple connector can be used. We have a vast range of sensors available from stock.
Unit will be supplied in a cardboard box containing:
1x TM300 thermometer
1x 9V alkaline battery (non-rechargeable)
1x Thermocouple type K wire probe
1x Soft carrying case with shoulder strap

Customisation possibilities

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