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TE 1160

TE1160 Standard plug up to 540°C

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ConnectorThermocouple and RTD circuits
ContactsEnsuring good contact even in demanding applications
MaterialsGlass filled thermosetting material with original thermocouple material pins
Temperature limitMaximum 540°C (Continuous 425°C)
BodyGlass filled thermosetting material
DesignCentral cover screw for quick wiring
Molded barriersPrevent short circuit
Accepts wiresfrom 0,2 mm to 2,0 mm.
Cable diameterMaximum 8,0 mm.
Available colorsBrown only. Thermocouple calibration printed

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode TE 1160
Type J,T,K,N,E,S,R,Cu or C
Body colour Brown