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TE 1092

TE1092 Cable Clamp

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ApplicationCable and Wire clampbracket will provide optimum strainrelief
ConstructionAllows a large difference in maximum and minimum cable and wire diameters
Suitable forThis strain relief is designed to fit several type connectors. standard and high temperature connectors have the same mounting dimensions, other connectors such as ceramic or dual connectors have different dimensions, to specify when ordering
Screws and bracketAll Stainless Steel
Connector typeMini (M), or Standard (S) to specify
Connector materialTo fit:Standard and High temp(S), Ceramic (C), Dual standard (D) or Dual ceramic (DC), please specify
OptionsSpecial U type brackets for dual standard connectors. Also crimp or solder inserts designed for soldering or crimping on mineral insulated cable or crimping on insulated wire are available

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode TE 1092
M or S
S, C, D, or DC