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SR50 Portable capacitance discharge thermocouple welder

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The SR-50 is a portable battery / mains powered capacitance discharge welder which has been specifically designed for making thermocouple junction welds and impact welds both in the workshop and out on site. It has sufficient power to weld wires of up to 0.9mm diameter and has a battery charge life of at least 500 welds on maximum power. It can also be run from the mains supply via the charger. A wait lamp with interlock is fitted to prevent the user from using the welder until the current set charge is reached. The SR50 case is waterproof, light and robust and made from a rigid durable plastic with an easy grip
Energy output0 to 30 joules
Weld capacityUp to 2 x 0.9 mm dia.
Battery lifeAt least 500 welds on full power
Charging time4 hours
Dimensions270 x 250 x 120mm
LED indicationIndicates battery status
Wait lampTo prevent premature discharge.
Weld switchReleases energy from capacitors
PotentiometerSets energy level
On/off switch and power on indicator
Black lead with croc clip
Welding goggles
Spare carbons(2)
Battery charger
Foot switch
Pen & plate welding jig
Impact welding clip
Tweezer electrodes
Carbon electrodes

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode SR50