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Multi-channel infrared temperature monitoring system

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PyroMiniBus sensors are designed to measure the surface temperature of non-reflective materials in industrial applications, from -20°C to 1000°C. Sensors have direct RS485 Modbus communications, allowing them to be connected directly to third-party Modbus hardware.
They are sealed to IP65, built from 316 stainless steel, and fully tested to industrial EMC standards. They can measure food, paper, thick plastics, asphalt, paint, bulk materials and organic materials, as well as most dirty, rusty or oily surfaces.
CompatibilityPyroMiniBus (all models)
PyroBus (all models)
PyroMini (-BB and -BRT models)
Display2.83” (72 mm) resistive touch TFT, 320 x 240 pixels, backlit
Supply voltage10 to 30 V DC
Maximum current draw100 mA
Ambient temperature range0°C to 60°C
Relative humidityMaximum 95%, non-condensing
Configurable parameters (global)Temperature units, date and time, data logging, graph channels, alarm logging
Configurable parameters (per sensor)Signal processing, emissivity setting, reflected energy compensation, alarms, Modbus address
Alarm configuration12 alarms (2 per sensor) with adjustable level, individually configurable as HI or LO
Temperature units°C or °F selectable
Temperature resolution0.1°
Signal processingAverage, peak hold, valley hold, minimum, maximum
Display sample period120 ms per sensor (720 ms in total for 6 sensors)
Logging interval1 to 86,400 seconds (1 day)
MicroSD cardMax. capacity: 32 GB (not included)
Internal clock battery1 x BR 1225 3V (not included)
Variables loggedTarget temperature, sensing head temperature, alarm events
File format.csv (can be imported to Excel)
Configurable parametersSample period, number of samples, scheduled start date and time
Dimensions98(w) x 64(h) x 36(d) mm excluding cable glands
Weight280 g

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