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KE 1088

KE 1088 General purpose thermocouple

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ConstructionClosed-end tube
MaterialSS 316 - (Wst 1.4401)
Diameter "D"Customer to specify
Length "L"Customer to specify
TransitionStainless steel sealpot with epoxy resin seal, moisture resistant
Ingress protectionIP65 / IEC529
Thermocouple wirePVC insulated flexible thermocouple wire, with PVC outer jacket 90 °C
Cable length "K"Customer to specify
CalibrationK, T, J, E, N, U or L
For duplexKK, TT, JJ, EE, NN, UU or LL
AccuracyAccording IEC 584-1 / DIN 43710
Hot junctionInsulated
Insulation testTested with 500 Vdc @ 20 °C
Insulation resistanceMinimum 100 m ohm
Cable typeOther cable type possible

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode KE 1088