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Industrial temperature assemblies with temperature transmitters

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General purposeStandard construction without Ex certification
Hazardous locationsWith Explosion proof certification
Ex executionAccording to the requirement, Exe, Exi or Exd
Hazardous locationModels available for zone 0, zone 1, and zone 2
CertificationBoth Sensor and transmitter certified
ManufacturerYokogawa ( for example )
Model numberTo be specified, e.g. YTA 110
Ambient limitsSee datasheet of the transmitter or consult us
Hockeypuck transmitterAluminium, Stainless Steel, others optional
Transmitter with housingRefer to Manufacturers datasheet
ConstructionReplaceable springloaded >10 mm
DiameterStandard 6 mm, others possible
TypeMineral insulated
Sensor typeThermocouple or Pt100 RTD
Dual sensorSingle or duplex sensor possible
TypeSee thermowell chapter
Dimensions and materialTo specify
MaterialStainless Steel 316
TypeSingle Nipple or Nipple-Union-Nipple
Transmitter brandTo specify, all mayor brands possible
TaggingStainless steel tag labels

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode MITx