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DWK 6050

DWK 6050 Replacement thermocouple

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Designed for use on combustion engines
Replacement sensorThis sensor is a part of DWK6055
ConstructionClosed-end tube
MaterialSS 316 - ( Wst 1.4401 )
Insertion length "L"Customer to specify,
Diameter6 mm
Extention length "X"Standard 35 mm (D=10)
Heat and oil resistant armoured extension cable 250°C
Customer to specify standard 1000mm
SensorK, J or L thermocouple, Customer to specify
AccuracyAccording IEC 584-1
Hot junctionInsulated
TestingTested 500 Volt @ 20°C
InsulationMinimum 100Mohm
800°C maximum

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode DWK 6050
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