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Cladding, coating and sleeves

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Corrosion resistant coating: PTFE/PFA/PVDF Teflon®/Kynar® orHalar® coating give very goodcorrosive resistance to almost allchemicals. Very good heat resistantand also has cryogenic stability.
Used for Food and Beverage,Pharmaceutical, Acid, Caustic andElectroplating applications.
E-CTFE Halar -100°C / 200C, thickness 500 to 1000um.PFA Teflon -200°C / 260°C thickness 500 to 1000um.PTFE Teflon -200°C / 250°C, thickness typical 60um.
Corrosion resistant sleeves: Thermowell sleeve from Tantalum ( Tantalium ) or Titanium fit over a standard stainless steel thermowell and provides an economical way to protect against corrosion of highly corrosive chemical solutions and agents.
Abrasion resistant overlay: Deloro Stellite ® or Eutalloy ® as anwelded overlay result in an excellentwear resistant thermowell.

Customisation possibilities

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