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AOIP TM6602 thermocouple handheld thermometer

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Easy-to-use and equipped with a large graphical display, TM thermometers are the perfect field tools for daily maintenance and commissioning of temperature probes.
With a very low temperature coefficient (10 ppm/°C in thermocouples and 7ppm/°C in resistance), IP54 protection and robust design, TM thermometers are suitable for onsite use even in demanding environmental conditions. They are widely used in the energy field, engineering sector, metal industry and automotive field.
TM thermometers use a graphical interface making programming and reading easier, under graphical or test format. Due to memory feature (10,000 values) and extended functionalities (corrections of calibrated sensors, statistical functions…), TM are well adapted to different process job procedures and ensure full data traceability as well as advanced data exploitation. Use them together with DATACAL calibration software to display, manage data and issue your own customized calibration certificates.
ThermocouplesK, T. J, E, R, S, U, B, L, C and N
Accuracy0.020% RDG + 3 µV
Measuring range-10 mV / 100 mV
ConnectionSensor with thermocouple male mini plug
Size157 x 85 x 45 mm
Weight306 g
Display160 x 160 pixel liquid crystal graphical display with backlite Display of result as table of values or trend curve
Power supply4 AA batteries 1.5 V or rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries with internal charger in option
Communication portsUSB
Storage capacity10,000 data with date and time into one or several acquisition bursts
Reference range23°C ± 5°C (RH: 45 to 75 % w/o condensing)
Operating reference range-10 to 50°C (RH: 20 to 80 % w/o condensing)
Limit operating range-15°C to +55°C (RH: 10 to 80 % w/o condensing) (70% at 55°C)
Storage temperature limits-30°C to +60°C
Maximum height0 to 2,200 m
IP protectionIP54 according to EN60529
User manual
4 AA batteries
Protection sheath
Carrying strap
Factory test report

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